First Darkest Dungeon Expansion is Getting Stocked for Next Month

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Darkest Dungeon is a party-management dungeon explorer developed and released by Red Hook Studios. This game is essentially a marvel in its own genre with a slew of extremely fascinating, olden-style Role Playing Game features which have made the game very popular among fans.

Turn by turn, the player goes through what seems to be an endless dark and twisted slew of dungeons with your trusty party members. Much like the older role playing games, Darkest Dungeon is set in a medieval setting and truly gives off the feelings of the party members involved in the countless dungeon raids; sympathy, hate and bitterness towards your crew mates may be expected.

The latest update adds a lot more potatoes to the stew; this somewhat depressing and rogue-ish is one of the best we’ve played in a while; the upcoming expansion called the Crimson Court is getting a release on 19th of June which is next month.

The few included things which the players have already caught onto are the new hero class as well as a new “wondering boss” known as The Fanatic. There will a lot more additions to the game other than the two, such as a new raid able dungeon called The Courtyard as well as a completely new “faction” of enemies you’ll come across in the game.

This new dungeon The Courtyard will have four new bosses and will have “some of the most complex and devious mechanics yet”. Among other things, there are new lore pieces as well as new district areas with “prestige buildings” and “massive, sprawling maps”

While there aren’t any screenshots or a video for the game as of now, they will be arriving soon. You can get a complete look at the update here.

For more updates, stay tuned.