Big Witcher 3 Patch Coming Tuesday – Here’s the Changes

Big Witcher 3 Patch Coming Tuesday - Here's the Changes

A Witcher 3 Patch is coming tomorrow, August 30th, to coincide with the release of the Game of the Year Edition of the game. This version will come with the patch pre-loaded, so these new players won’t need to install it.

Gamers with older copies will want to install version 1.3 of The Witcher 3, as it brings about some changes. The character¬†Dwarf banker Vimme Vivaldi will be “sporting a fresh look”, which we don’t know yet if it will be just aesthetic. The update also fixes a bug in the quest “Without a Trace” where sometimes two enemies are impossible to defeat.

There are also various GUI fixes in this Witcher 3 patch. The full list of changes can be seen on this PDF.