Call of Duty Warzone Equipment List

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COD Warzone released in March 2020 as part of 2019 Modern Warfare. In May, Activision announced that the game had more than 60 million downloads already. It is playable on PS4, Microsoft Windows and Xbox One. Here in this COD guide, we have the complete Call of Duty Warzone equipment list.

You can buy COD Warzone Equipment on the Supply Station / Buy Stations. These are marked on the map. You will the game’s virtual currency, Cash, to make the purchase. This you earn when you kill enemies and do tasks in the game. Here is the list of 8 types of equipment and their price, that you can purchase in the game.

Call of Duty Warzone Equipment List

Armor Plate Bundle
Equipment price: $1,500

Cluster Strike
Equipment price: $3,000

Gas Mask
Equipment price: $3,000

Munitions Box
Equipment price: $5,000

Precision Airstrike
Equipment price: $3,500

Loadout Drop Marker
Equipment price: $8,500

Equipment price: $4,000

Self-Revive Kit
Equipment price: $4,500

Shield Turret
Equipment price: $2,000