Call of Duty Warzone Vehicles List and Features

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COD Warzone is part of 2019 COD Modern Warfare. Playable on PlayStation 4, Windows and Xbox One, it is getting excellent response. Here we are with another Warzone guide. This specifies the Call of Duty Warzone vehicles list and their features.

Be it any game, but if you need to cover a large map area, you got to have good vehicles and Warzone has them. There are 5 different types of Vehicles, from cars to helicopters. Below you can see the details of the speed, passenger capacity and off-road capabilities of these vehicles.

Call of Duty Warzone Vehicles List and Features


Speed: Fast
Capacity: 2
Protection: Minimal
Off-roading: Good

Cargo Truck

Speed: Very slow
Capacity: 6
Protection: Very Good
Off-roading: Not good


Speed: Medium
Capacity: 4
Protection: Good
Off-roading: Not good

Tactical Rover

Speed: Very fast
Capacity: 4
Protection: Minimum
Off-roading: Very good


Capacity: 5

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