CES 2016: Belty Good Vibes Smart Belt

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Emiota has launched a new wearable device at the CES 2016. The wearable is called as Belty Good Vibes. It is a high-tech wellness. It is a perfect combination of style, tech and health. It is much more that just a stylish belt. It is aimed at making your lives better and healthy.

Belty Good Vibes Smart Belt Features:

  • Interchangeable belts
  • Straps available in black and brown color
  • Helps you increase the amount of activity that you do
  • Counts steps
  • Helps to relax
  • In-sync with the user’s body.

The Belty Good Vibes Smart Belt can be pre-ordered now. The price starts at $395. The smart belt is expected to be shipped by December 2016.


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