CES 2016: Wisewear Bracelet

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In CES 2016: Wisewear Bracelet is the latest fashion wearable. This high-tech bracelet is the next big thing among the fitness and activity-monitoring wearables. With everyone wearing a fitness wearable nowadays, the next step is to make it more stylish and elegant. And this stylish bracelet just does the same.

What does the Wisewear Bracelet do?

  • Tracks steps
  • Tracks heart rate
  • Tracks the calories burned
  • Texts Notifications
  • Emails notifications and much more

The above tasks are performed by any other fitness watch.

Then What is Special in the Wisewear Bracelet

It can work as a Super Smart Panic Button. Just tap it to send out a distress signal and it will do its job. It will send out the signal along with your location and audio or video. That makes it really special.

Wisewear Smart Bracelet cost $300. It will be available this month. The smart bracelet is a perfect blend of tech and style.