Classic Psychonauts coming to PS4 this spring

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Double Fine will be releasing the original Psychonauts game on PS4 this spring.


Before playing Psychonauts 2, it is recommended to play the first game of the franchise. The ending of the first game catches the gamer on the edge of his seat in a cliffhanger. What happens next will be revealed in the title ‘Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin’ on PlayStation VR sometime later this year and will serve as a bridge between the first game and the sequel.


Originally announced as a crowdfunding project in December by the developers, Psychonauts 2 recently met its funding goal and will be available for the PS4 in a few years, as claimed by the developers.


Double Fine’s Tim Schafer took part in a Reddit AMA recently and provided a few details on the plot of the sequel.