Cortana For Small Businesses Trying to Grow Globally

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If you are among those entrepreneurs who are expanding their businesses beyond their country, then there are some issues that are commonly faced.

  • Firstly, before you set your foot on the foreign soil to flourish your business, you will need information about the customs, rules, lifestyle, and to sum it up, the market that your business is going to be a part of.
  • Secondly, Communication or Language translation. Now it can become a real hindrance to expand your business overseas when you get stuck up in translation to your investors or potential customers.
  • And finally, the need to be in sync with your investors and onsite counterparts.

Here comes Cortana to help you in your pursuit to grow internationally and be the ultimate assistant for businessmen like you. Cortana For Small Businesses Trying to Grow Globally

So how does Cortana helps?

Let’s see the solutions to the issues we pointed out.

  • For gaining any information about a place your will open your browser, type your questions and search for the best answer to your query. But why take that much pain when Cortana can efficiently search the internet  and find you the most suitable answer to your question just by asking her your question. Yes it can make your search for the details of your future market a lot easier and off-course the browsing experience also.
  • Now comes the ‘translation’ issue. So integration of Microsoft Translation in Cortana enables her to perform real-time language translation. So to ease your communication with your associates and customers, Cortana with her voice command feature can be a great help. You can simply ask her and get instant answers for your quick interpretation.
  • And finally for all those busy folks out there struggling to keep up to their busy schedule and trying to meet both ends, Cortana can be your ultimate assistant. She can keep you updated about your meetings and also remind you of all your list of agendas that you have to complete. You can also be up to date with all your business activities happening at that far-off land while you still be sitting in the warmth of your home.

So entrepreneurs or businessmen, who are ready to make it big, Cortana is for you.