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Did you ever wonder what just happened to your router and why it stopped giving proper Wi-Fi signals? I think, the answer will be often. So Google has to our aid with a new router.

Google’s OnHub, the router, is a real cool stuff. It is the second member to the OnHub family, made in Google’s partnership with Asus. It is bringing a new generation of routers with an elegant look and increased intelligence. So gone are the days when you used to hide your router under the table or in a corner cabinet because Google’ new OnHub router is supposed to be placed in an open space to facilitate uninterrupted Wi-Fi network. And since this device is a real beauty, why not keep it on the table where everyone can see it and admire both its design and not to forget the main target, the better network speed. OnHub has one Ethernet port. It needs to be connected to cable box. The device can be managed using the Google On app. OnHub is easy to use and gives a better Wi-Fi signal and on top of that, it has a special feature.

Yes, the motion sensing capability. You can enhance the Wi-Fi speed for a particular device by just moving your hand over the top of the router. This feature is called Wave Control. Another special thing about this router is that it comes with a detachable casing. And that plastic casing comes in two colors, black and blue.

Electronic devices are getting smarter and elegant nowadays. Looks like the future devices with be real cool things to possess, apart from their primary purposes, thus making our surrounding more beautifully hi-tech.

With OnHub setup at home, video conferencing, watching videos, playing online music, etc. with an enhanced Wi-Fi speed, and that too being at home will be a great pleasure. And its futuristic design proudly on display on the table will be an icing on the cake!!