Destiny: Rise Of Iron Guide: How to Farm Omnigul

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The fourth expansion for the first person shooter game Destiny, Rise Of Iron was released on 20 Sep 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One. The game revolves around the fallen enemy race as they have breached the wall that surrounds Earth’s last safe city.

This guide will show how to farm omnigul.

How to Farm Omnigul

A light level of 360-370 is required to take the Wrath Of The Machine quest. For reaching that level, the following guide is recommended.

1. A good friend preferably a hunter with the Tether ability is recommended. With the friend’s help, farm Omnigul from Will Of Crota strike.

2. Continue through the strike and charge your super abilities. Once you see Omnigul, have the Hunter with the Tether to aim it at the bottom of the column – to the left-hand-side of Omnigul.

3. This locks the boss in the area. Go all out with your super abilities, gjallarhorn and everything else, kill omnigul before she makes it to the final boss room. A fireteam is recommended here as it can revive anyone who falls. If all of this is done properly, the player can pick up blues which are of higher light levels.

4. Once done, recharge your super abilities and die. This respawns the player, allowing him/her to farm as much omnigul as required.

5. If the player fails to stop omnigul from reaching the final boss room, just die but don’t go in the room unless you are of the required light level.