Doom Eternal Secret Trophies List

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Doom Eternal released in March 2020 for Windows, PS4, Xbox One and Stadia. id Software and Panic Button Games have developed this first person shoot game using the id Tech 7 engine. It has received very good response so far. Here we are listing out the Doom Eternal secret trophies.

Doom Eternal Secret Trophies List and How to Get Them

Gold Trophy


You have win the Icon of Sin final boss fight. Kill the beast and the trophy is won.

Silver Trophy


Defeat Khan Maykr. This you can do by keep shooting the Khan Maykr till here golden armor is done with. Then do a melee attack after getting into close proximity using Super Shotgun and Meat Hook. You may need to keep doing this for a few times.

Bronze Trophy

Meet Your Unmaykr

Once you get your hands on the legendary weapon, Unmaykr, the trophy is yours. It is kept safe behind a locked door. 6 Empyrean Keys are needed to get it. You will find these keys as you play the missions.

Treasure Hunter

You need to defeat every enemy you face and complete the Mission Challenges. Then you have to locate all the Items in Taras Nabad.

Master of Fasting

Just complete any mission with the Famine Mode cheat enabled. Not any other mode. That’s it and then you get the Master of Fasting trophy.

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