Fallout 4 Far Harbor Guide: Almanac Magazines Locations

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In this DLC of Fallout 4, there are various collectibles and one of them is Almanac Magazine. Each one offers the player a unique perk. This Fallout 4 Far Harbor Wiki Almanac Magazines locations guide shows the locations of all 5 of the Magazines and their perks.

Fallout 4 released in Nov 2015. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world. The game shows Boston and areas of Massachusetts. It is the 5th installment in the Fallout game series. Love by gamers all over the world, Bethesda has released 6 DLCs for the game.

Fallout 4 Far Harbor Guide: Almanac Magazines Locations

All five of these need to be collected to unlock The Islander’s Almanac achievement.

Far Harbor Sightseer’s Guide

At the area inside the Last Plank (Far Harbor)

  • Perk: POI appears on Map

Children of Atom Expose

On the Reception Counter in the reception room upstairs in the Acadia.

  • Perk: Decreased 10% damage from Radiation attacks.

Recipe Roundup

Near the computer inside the National Park Visitor’s Centre

  • Perk: Unlock Sludge Recipe at the Chemistry Station

Pincer Dodge

On the wooden shelf at the top of the Brooke’s head Lighthouse.

  • Perk: Increase 5% VATs Chances

Precision Hunting

Next to the bed near the Lighthouse at the Northwood Ridge Quarry at the Wooden Structure.

  • Perk: Decreased 5% Damage from Mirelurk Melee Attacks

That’s the complete list of Fallout 4 Far Harbor Almanac Magazines Locations.