Friday the 13th the Videogame has Serious Server Issues – Developers Working on Fix

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Playing the long awaited Friday the 13th video game, there is a sense of real satisfaction. While the game is pretty fun to play, the release has come with a slew of issues and bugs which has made the otherwise gaming experience, sub-par.

Many players who were sick of the various bugs (most prominently the connection issues) have took to the steam reviews so that they may be heard. The developer posted on steamcommunity forums and tried to explain the server problems and that they are working like a “like a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥”.

The developer team is very small, and have finally upgraded their servers allowing a lot more players to join the game and pay the game. An update on the same post talked about the player levels and stat issues, saying “users might start seeing their accounts come back, though they will see Lvl. 0 displayed with everything unlocked. This seems be getting stable. We are *pretty* sure that all of your save data is on the backend, still being tracked, but not displaying on your client. This is progress, but in no way final progress. Should have more info”

The developers have been pretty active all around and have assured the users that they are working on the fix.

“We are a small team but brought in outside resources to help. It’s our top priority right now and we need to make sure we can get our servers properly scaled and balanced to handle the current demand. Once we can alleviate some stress on the database this should all start working smoothly. We are working hard to properly load balance our servers and identify issues with accounts that are slowing down the database”

For anyone who has been able to play a few games during this server fiasco, the game looks very promising, though there’s always room for improvements.

For more updates, stay tuned.