God of War is Arriving on PC in 2022 – The Epic Saga Will Release on Steam and Epic Game Store

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God of War hugely popular game, will be released on Steam and Epic Game Store on January 14, 2022. In record time, God of War became one of the most beloved sagas in video game history. Its latest installment caught us all by surprise. Kratos was leaving Greece to land in Nordic lands, a kind of reboot that goes much further. And that if you did not have the opportunity to enjoy them on PlayStation 4, now you can do it on PC.

Some time ago, Sony expressed its intention to bring more PlayStation exclusive titles to PC. And since then, God of War has become the most anticipated name. Now, the rumors have been confirmed when the PC port of God of War officially appeared on Steam and Epic Games Store. Sony has also released the first trailer confirming the launch date in mid-February next year. The God of War PC version will support “real 4K resolution” on machines with enough processing power, unlocked frame rates, and countless other graphic customizations for gamers. God of War PC version will also support NVidia DLSS, Nvidia Reflex low latency technology, and support for Ultrawide monitors.

God of War 2022 PC Development

Nibellion, one of the most prominent insiders of the video game industry on social networks, published that SteamDB had listed God of War for a few minutes after showing the Steam page of the game itself.

The manga work of Sony and the Santa Monica Studio will arrive with several new features such as support for 4k, unlimited framerate, and a wide range of graphic settings. In addition, it will be compatible with DLSS and Reflex to further improve image quality, along with the ability to enjoy the game on ultra-wide monitors.

You will have many options when choosing the peripheral to play with and how to configure its buttons. The most complete “God of War” experience will be lived on PC, and quite possibly, Steam Deck users will also be able to enjoy it on a portable basis.

God of War Controllers

Since both the DualShock and DualSense controllers work well on PC. Fans can choose to experience God of War on PC with the controller as usual or use a keyboard and mouse. Sony has promised to allow users to “maximize customization” of the key settings to really get the expected experience. In particular, anyone who buys the PC version of the game will receive a series of new equipment, including:

  • Dokkenshieldr Shield Skin
  • Buckler of the Forge khiên Shield Skin
  • Elven Soul Shield Skin
  • Exile’s Guardian Shield Skin
  • Death’s Vow armor set for Atreus and Kratos

God of War Plot

Accordingly, the plot of God of War takes place after the events of Olympia, after killing Zeus and releasing Promete’s “Hope” flame from his body. Kratos has been missing for a long time and where to go is not clear. In the early game, you can see that Kratos has moved to the snowy regions of the North to live and have a son – Atreus. After the deaths of Kratos’ second wife and Atreus’ mother Faye, they set out on a journey to fulfill her promise and scatter her ashes at the highest peak of the nine realms. While PC gamers have previously been able to experience God of War through Sony’s PlayStation Now service, that was from a PS4 stream. It is the official PC version of this game. It is still unclear why Sony decided to let Kratos for the first time officially set foot on the PC. But the PS4 version was released three years ago. So most likely, this is a strategy to attract more potential customers for the game God of War Ragnarok will debut on PS5 in 2022.

God of War never disappoints.

Since its birth on PlayStation 2, God of War has been present in all subsequent generations. And also on portable game consoles such as the PSP and PS Vita. The quality and excellent playability are one of the marks of the saga, which has already announced its future installment, Ragnarok, which should arrive this year 2022 on PlayStation consoles.