Gravity Rush 2 Guide: Escaped Ducks Locations

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Gravity Rush 2 is releasing on 20 Jan 2017 for PS4. Developed by SIE Japan Studio and Project Siren and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, it is the sequel to Gravity Rush, the game’s core gameplay mechanics is to allow the player to manipulate gravity, allowing unique navigational movements.

You need to find all the escaped ducks in order to finish the game’s side mission ‘Dream Doll, Angel Doll’. You only need to return the ducks to the cage and find Cecie’s Angel Doll. There are a total of six ducks to find and this escaped Ducks Locations guide will show the location of all of them.

Gravity Rush 2 Escaped Ducks Locations

First Duck

  • To start the mission, talk to Cecie and see the first duck escaping. To start the mission, drop down the side and activate your Gravity Float.
  • Go to the backside of the bird cage and listen carefully.
  • Find the duck on the platform below the cage.

Second Duck

  • For the second duck, go to the building with the flags.
  • The duck is on a platform near the backside of the building.

Third Duck

  • The third one is a bit hard to find. It is located near some crates inside the town.
  • Listen to its quacks carefully to locate it.

Fourth Duck

  • The fourth one is located near some piggies and a group of people.

Fifth Duck

  • Now, go to the tower on the left side of the airship.
  • Go to the top of the tower and find the duck on the left side there.

Sixth Duck

  • The final duck is located on a parasol of the left side of the mining airship.

Now, go back and speak with Cecie to finish the mission.

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