Hitman 3 The Liability Elusive Target – How to Locate and Kill it

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Agent 47 has now his eyes on a new target. The third installment of Seven Deadly Sins DLC has come with the task of eliminating an elusive target, the Liability. This assassination has to take place in Berlin where the target is hiding.

It’s a time bound task, meaning players have until June 28 to take out this elusive target. The Liability goes by the name Terrence Chester. He is a corrupt building inspector who is responsible for destruction of numerous lives. On the other hand, he has been a real friend for the land owners who earned a lot thanks to him. Now his days of bad deeds are coming to an end.

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Now the question is how to take down this elusive target. One thing to keep in mind that you cannot restart the mission once you play and kill the target. So you can roam around and come up with the optimum plan and path to complete the final task by restarting. Now we know he will be in Berlin accompanied by his bodyguard and a guide. So it may not be straight and easy kill. These additional two hurdles need to be distracted before you can successfully assassinate the target.

Now here are the important things you need to know to complete this Hitman 3 mission.

What you need to carry out the mission? You will need to have coins. Where does the mission starts? It starts as soon as you get to the club. Where can you find the elusive target? He will be at a juice bar once you pass through the bar and go to the outdoor bar, pass the bridge on the left and then turn right. How to distract the bodyguard and the guide? You will need to use the coins that you have to distract them and seize an opportunity to kill the target.

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