How to Disable Get Office notifications in Windows 10

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Too many notifications can be unwanted when we are in the middle of something very important. Here we will look into how to disable get Office Notifications. Windows 10 is proving to be a great OS after all. Millions of users are using it. If you are one of them, you may have often seen an annoying Get Office notification. This encourages the users to Try Microsoft Office 365 for 1 month without any fee. After that a $7 fee is to be paid every month for further subscription. Yes, Microsoft Office 2016 comes as a subscription for its users.

How to Disable Get Office notifications in Windows 10

People may find this annoying and would like to stick to the old Office 13. In that case, you may follow this workaround to get rid from the Get Office notifications in under a minute. To disable Get Office notifications, read on.

You may simply right click the Get Office app from the Start Menu under All Apps option and click Uninstall. However this does not solve your problem completely. As some users have reported, the app automatically gets reinstalled after few days.

So, to tackle this, you need to disable the notifications. First, open Settings app and click Notifications & actions. Then, turn off Get Office under “Show notifications from these” apps option. Done! Now no more annoying notifications while you work or play.

Finally, to remove the Get Office tile from Start Menu, right click on the tile and click “Unpin from Start.”

Other apps like Get Skype and Groove Music also encourage you to download respective stuffs. The above method works for these apps as well.

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