How to Fix a Corrupted SD card

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Before trying to format the SD card, you can give a try and try to use your PC or laptop to access the files stored it it. Sometimes this works and you can easily backup the files. But if the SD card is not identified by PC or laptop, then read on to know How to Fix a Corrupted SD card.

How to Fix a Corrupted SD card

# Note: It is important to understand that your files may be already lost and  if not, then they will be lost in the process to fix the corrupted SD card. So let’s first try to back up the files, if not already deleted.

Backup Files on Corrupted SD Card Before Fixing

  1. Connect the SD to a USB card reader connected to a PC/ laptop/ tablet.
  2. Now insert the SD card.
  3. Once the SD card gets recognized by your PC/ laptop/ tablet,
    1. open the file explorer of the SD card
    2. Then copy files and keep a backup before you proceed to fix the corrupted SD card.
  4. It the device fails to recognized the card,
    1. Assign the SD card a drive letter using your PC OS.
    2. Click on Start
    3. Go to Control Panel.
    4. Open Administrative Tools
    5. Then choose Computer Management.
    6. Now you need to select Disk Management
    7. Then search for the SD card in the drive viewer.
    8. Now right click the card
    9. Select Change Drive Letter and Paths.
    10. Then assign the card an original drive letter
    11. Then check whether Explorer recognizes it.
    12. If the SD card gets recognized, copy and backup your files
  5. If even after getting recognized, the files are not accessible, format the SD card [ This will remove all the data stored in your SD card ]
      1. Right click
      2. Then select Format