How to Play Nirvana Game of Life on PC?

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There are just so many mobile games that are fun to play, but few reach a cult-like status. Nirvana – Game of Life could qualify as one such game, as it’s popular all around the world. 

While the game is primarily designed for playing on mobile, you can also enjoy it on the PC. Yes, you can play mobile games on the big screen of your PC. With the right tools in your hand, it’s free and so much fun. 

What Is Nirvana Game of Life?

Nirvana Game of Life is a unique concept game where you go through life simulation to get to Nirvana. The game is based on a screen swipe pattern, similar to dating apps like Tinder and OkCupid. You swipe to make decisions for the player, given the different situations. 

From saving a girl from muggers to living in a zombie apocalypse, it offers a wide range of situations that are a mix of real-life problems and the fantasy world. The knowledge, experience, friends, and relationships you collect along the way help you advance through. 

You have 750 years to collect this experience, which is fair enough. But it keeps things human, so you do die, only to be reincarnated again, then again, until you complete those 750 years. That’s quite a long time to gain knowledge and make your way to Nirvana, the ultimate heaven!

It’s a game that has real-life applications as well. If you struggle with indecisiveness, this game can help you get over it. Everything in this game depends on your decision-making power. Your health, money, success, relationships, etc., everything is dependent on which side you swipe. 

How to Play Nirvana Game of Life on PC?

If you’ve already played it on mobile, you’ll also enjoy playing on the PC. But how to do that? One simple solution is downloading an Android emulator. 

An Android emulator simply creates a virtual Android device in your PC, so you can run Android apps, including games. Most Android emulators are free to download, and you pretty much just need a Google account to log in. 

Here’s how you can play Nirvana Game of Life on PC:

  1. Decide which Android emulator you want to download
  2. Download the file from the emulator website or third-party website
  3. Install the Android emulator
  4. Run the Android emulator and log in to Google Play Store with your credentials
  5. Now, download Nirvana Games of Life
  6. Run Nirvana Games of Life from the desktop or through the emulator and play

Some of the most popular Android emulators for playing video games include:

  • BlueStacks 
  • NoxPlayer
  • MemuPlayer
  • RemixOS
  • Genymotion

All these emulators are absolutely free and offer great performance, find more at BrowserCam. However, you do need to meet minimum system requirements that vary slightly by each emulator. Make sure to check the minimum requirements first and check if your PC meets them. 


Nirvana Game of Life is an exciting game that anyone can play no matter their age, but it’ll be more fun for adults. You can enjoy it on PC as well, in addition to your mobile phone, through an Android emulator of your choice. 

Using an emulator is the easiest way to enjoy this game on PC without needing to go too deep into the machine’s settings.