iOS 14 Preview: More iPhone Features to Unfold Beyond the Common Ones

You are currently viewing iOS 14 Preview: More iPhone Features to Unfold Beyond the Common Ones

The ability to enhance the looks of an Apple phone’s home screen to look more personalized and customized is almost everyone’s dream. Thanks to advancements in technology, the brand’s operating system has developed more features, with iOS 14. 

Beta versions of the software are set to bring about significant changes for a great impression. To shed some light on the pleasantries, searches would be enhanced on Apple devices, messages functionality would be better, and user privacy would be emphasized more. So, there is more to behold about the beta features and how it would impact iPhone users. In essence, the development would mean:

Significantly Less Screen Space for Incoming Calls and Siri

The previous version of iOS 14 was adequately developed to support volume control without taking up a better part of the screen. The latest version would prove its efficiency in giving Siri and incoming calls the same treatment. It would enable users to engage the voice assistant to reposition itself at the lower side of the screen. 

Initially, the full flash page functionality of the application was an inconvenience for many users. Engaging Siri would mean moving away from the context of a page to initiate specific commands. Now, if what they want the application to do is related to the what’s on the screen, iOS 14 would make it less of a limitation. 

More on iOS 14 release date, incoming calls would also be more efficient. The icon would appear as a notification on the top-most part of the screen. Subsequently, it would display the caller’s name and image (if applicable), two options to accept or decline the call. Simply put, one can easily handle these calls without interfering with the initial activity or workflow on the screen.

Ability to Mix Up the Home Screen

Apple has made it a priority to meet the usability needs of its consumers. For instance, the past experience was not joyful and fun enough to enable users to customize an iPhone’s home screen. Regardless of the superiority of the device, people were stuck with simple rows of icons.

Now, they would be able to move widgets quickly from the left side of the screen. iPhone users would place them wherever it pleases in three sizes. These include a rectangle, mini square, or large square on the home screen’s grid.

Apple has also made it easier for one to add widgets with iOS 14. It only requires a simple press on an application to switch to `jiggle mode.` The selected widget automatically opens once a plus sign appears on the screen’s top left. Other than enhancing uniformity, the feature would make your iPhone’s screen appear sleek.

Messaging Experience Made Better

While the messaging experience of the current version of an iPhone’s operating system may seem powerful, iOS 14 has would make everything different. The messaging application has been made better to enable users to pin the most significant conversations at the top. Images and contact names of the specific individuals will appear in a circle for easy access. One can pin up to nine chat messages on the home screen space. It gets better and sleeker because their display would shift to move the latest messages to the top.

Moreover, iOS 14 would come as a great relief from ever-flowing group messages. Besides inline replies, you would be able to enable someone to receive notification using the @Mention feature. When conversations are too many for you to read, you will get a notification if you were mentioned during the massive texting.

Having the Ultimate Control on Your iPhone

It is quite apparent that you would want the utmost privacy when using an iPhone- what you do on it should stay there. For this reason, iOS 14 is set to enhance such privacy. It gives you the option of allowing certain permissions to access contacts, galleries, and messages, to name a few applications.

Similarly, you can limit access to particular files. You can decide applications such as Facebook or Instagram to access all your photos or just particular ones. 

More New Smarts to Unfold for iPhone Users

Voice Memos on an iPhone would have enhanced capability to clean out voice recordings to create more focus. Regardless of a noisy background, more emphasis is on your voice. The unique feature would also work on previous recordings to make them better.

A status bar has been made available on an iPhone’s home to give users easy access to multiple accessories. Subsequently, they can make easy adjustments with less effort and hassle of controlling individually connected devices. 

Other great features of iOS 14 include gyroscope on the Night Mode selection. Users can maintain the steadiness of their device to shoot more explicit videos in the mode. Just like daytime, photo and video shots that are taken at night would be clearer. The capturing speed of the images is also another aspect to behold. Users will also be free to personalize their devices with wallpapers from CarPlay. 

The Bottom Line

While the above iOS 14 preview insight is just a peek of what the new Apple software has to offer, there is more to unpack. Ideally, the benefits go beyond App Clips and widgets. As the launching date gets closer, the excitement for iPhone users is significantly immeasurable. Other than uncovering the new features theoretically, the experience would be more practical and incredible.