Mazar Android Malware Spreading in Europe

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A new Android malware has emerged in European countries. Mazar Android malware spreading in Europe hitting Android smartphones. The malware was detected by Heimdal Security.

How Mazar Spreads

  • Mazar spreads through texts. Once the malware gets installed, through a malicious proxy it forwards all web traffic. This lets hackers to steal sensitive data from the user’s web activity.
  • The virus arrives through a SMS. It will contain a link which if clicked and allowed when prompted, will expose your phone to the malware.

As of now Heimdal reported that about 100,000 Android smartphones have been affected in Denmark.It is also reported that the Mazar virus does not affect any phone with the language set to Russian. It is assumed to be a gesture to pacify the Russian police. The malware is detected to be effecting KitKat version of Android as of now but probably may effect older versions also.

The effects have only been verified for phones running Kit Kat versions of Android, but likely persist in older models. The virus was not able to be detected earlier but now the number of the malware detection can rise.