New British Update On World Of Tanks

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PS4 users playing World Of Tanks have an update in the game. has released the British Tech Tree update along with new maps. In the PS store, the Type-59 tank is also available for a limited time.

This update includes 0 British vehicles ranging from light or heavy tanks along with tank destroyers and artillery such as the Crusader, Cromwell, and Conqueror. Additionally, the Siegfried Line, Fisherman’s Bay and Ensk War maps along with many others such as the Westfield map and its variant with weather conditions, Westfield Rain are also available.

For more information, one can go to the official website of the game.

This game on PS4, like the Xbox One and PC versions, is free to play and does not require a Playstation Plus membership to play online either.

It was released on PS4 in mid-January and amassed around 1 million players during its first week.

The update details are in the video below:-