Nier Automata Guide: Beauvoir Boss Battle

Nier Automata Guide: Beauvoir Boss Battle

Nier: Automata is Platinum Games’ action RPG game, set amidst the war between machines created by otherworldly invaders and humanity. Nier Automata was published by Square Enix. It released in March 2017 for PC and PS4 platforms. Here we will detail the Nier Automata Beauvoir Boss Battle.

Nier Automata Beauvoir Boss Battle

This guide will show you:

How to defeat the boss Beauvoir in Nier Automata.

  • You at level 15.
  • It has a large metal skirt which acts like a shield. Attacking that part won’t do major damage so you gotta aim for the body to deal significant damage.
  • Constantly shoot at her with the pod.
  • This boss has a sweeping blades attack during which she lifts up her skirt and a number of blades start circling around her.
  • Don’t get too close at this point as she will slash you with those blades.
  • The lesser her health, the faster her spinning speed during this attack.
  • She also drops energy orbs which bounce around the area so dodge them.
  • She also uses homing missiles and bullets which are relatively easier to dodge.
  • She also uses laser attacks in a similar fashion to the sweeping blades attack.
  • As her health reaches 50%, she will then jump onto the stage and release a large shockwave which will start hacking you.
  • You play a minigame at this point to counter her hack.
  • Shoot the black boxes to reveal the black orb and destroy it.
  • After this, you fight multiple small machines.
  • Make sure to avoid the shockwave else you will play another minigame to counter the hack.
  • Once you take care of those small machines, Beauvoir will again come down while 9S tries to hack her.
  • Once her health drops to 25%, she lays on the ground giving you a good window to attack her.
  • Then she will get rid of her skirt and employ two new attacks – Circular Lasers and Shockwave.
  • Get away from the lasers and make sure to avoid the shockwave. Eventually, she will fall.

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