No Man’s Sky Guide: Basic Tips And Tricks

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This new game is a very big one and it might look quite daunting and appalling to the player at first. The game has a ton of features and the player probably might be missing out on some of them.

This guide will show some handy tips and tricks to use in the game.

No Man’s Sky Guide: Basic Tips And Tricks

Let’s take a look a some basic tips.

  • Flashlight: To turn on your flashlight, you’ll just need to hit “up” on the d-pad
  • Melee: It’s R1
  • Waypointing: scan with L2 and a structure will get a white mark; in order to remove it, press L3.

Now, the movement system.

Press the melee button while sprinting to make a boosted jump. Hold down the jetpack button while walking forward to scale a cliff or hill.

For getting into an inaccessible cave, use the grenade launcher to make a hole in the cave. Hold X to climb faster while underwater without using any jetpack fuel. Activate the jetpack to swim faster.

Inventory and equipment upgrades.

Each slot on the player’s suit can hold a maximum of 250 of any resource. The ship can hold 500. The UI will tell the player nicely what to do with certain upgrades.

To switch weapons on the ship or on the multi-tool, hit the triangle button. Hit the square button to reload. L1 activates the grenade launcher. If the player is using a mining laser, hit triangle for a quick cooldown.

The Ship

Choose the bubble style to not display the external cockpit models on the ship.

If the player carries a precious cargo in his ship, chances of pirates attacking are high.