No Man’s Sky Guide: Rewards From Korvax

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The species in this game are of a vast variety and they vary from planet to planet.

This guide shows the rewards and blueprints the player gets in the game after talking to the Korvax alien species.

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There are three types of alien species in the game – Korvax, Vy’keen, and Gek. Talking to them earns useful rewards after finishing their side quests and objectives. Korvax are the originators of the Bypass Chip. This chip is useful in the sense that it can hack various encrypted panels throughout the game’s galaxy. To speak to them, the player needs to learn their words using the monoliths. The whole list of dialogues and rewards is listed below.

Rewards From Korvax

Conversation 1:
I startle the electronic lifeform from its work. It greets me politely, but when it sees my boltcaster it starts to vibrate with fear. The entity’s voice quavers and its mask slowly turns to a single dilated red light. It clearly wants to get back to its research work but is too terrified to take its gaze away from me. The more I try to calm it, the more the poor thing convulses with fear.

  • Response – Leave the lifeform alone
  • Reward – Blueprint and Korvax Standing

Conversation 2:
The electronic lifeform is agitated, and perhaps in pain. Its body buzzes and small arcs of electricity jump between its mask and shoulders. It jolts and shakes. It needs help. It reaches out its hand as if it wants to shake mine. I instinctively raise my arm in response, but common sense advises caution…

  • Response – Shake Hands
  • Reward – Blueprint and Korvax Standing + 1 health

Conversation 3:
The lifeform shows me complicated creature research data to see if I can comprehend it. I must look blank because the lifeform instead projects three holographic images into my visor. It’s clearly seeking my opinion on the intellect level of my own species. I am shown a vacant-looking slug, a more advanced beaked trader and a member of its own vastly intelligent electronic race.

  • Response – Point to the Beaked Trader
  • Reward – Blueprint and Korvax Standing

Conversation 4:
I’ve interrupted an electronic lifeform in the middle of its work. Enquiring mask lights flash up towards me and scan me from head to foot. Simultaneously, on its datapad, its silicon fingers flick through images of this planet’s plants and creatures – before adding my own image! Its facial lighting is starting to dim. Its interest in me is perhaps fading. I need a way to impress…

  • Response – Share creature scan data
  • Reward – Blueprint and Korvax Standing

Conversation 5:
A sharp metal needle emerges from the palm of the lifeform’s hand. It moves so fast that it already inches from my forehead before I can even blink. A strange toxic-looking goop dribbles down from its point and onto my visor. It hangs in the air above me, while the entity wants to for the order to plunge it deep into my brain.

  • Response – Allow Brain Excavation
  • Note – This will take some damage
  • Reward – Blueprint and Korvax Standing

Conversation 6:
The electronic lifeform is processing a signal that emanates from a distant location deep in space. Endless processing units are combining to crack the code of a strange mathematical language. Rare elements are being pulled from the resource vaults at its feet, but some are running low. I feel bright lights constricting and directing their attention to me.

  • Response – Take elements from Vault
  • Reward – 100 Heridium, Lose Korvax Reputation

Conversation 7:
The electronic lifeform narrows its mask lights in frustration and furiously taps at its workstation. It looks at me with agitation, presumably doubting that a low intelligence being can help it access the terminal. A Bypass Chip would certainly help here, but whether the lifeform would appreciate the illegal device is unknown.

  • Response – Give Bypass Chip
  • Reward – Noting

Conversation 8:
The lights in the electronic lifeform’s mask constrict, and it beams a moving image onto the inside of my visor. Complex equations detailing fascinating technologies spin past in a blur. The speed of the entity’s cognition and understanding is clearly far beyond my own. Images of chemical formulae, directional energy diagrams, and micro-density devices dance inches from my eyes – too fast to comprehend. I go to ask it to stop but realize I could instead ask it to pause… but when?

  • Response – The Chemical Formulae
  • Reward – Blueprint

Conversation 9:
The lights in the electronic lifeform’s mask are dim and its voice quavers. It looks to me with mild interest but it seems, in truth, as if its mind is already elsewhere. Upon seeing me approach it slowly reaches to open the trade vault at its feet for me, but it is too late. The entity’s lights fade for a final time, and all that’s left is a satisfied electrical hiss…

  • Response – Wait
  • Reward – Noting

Conversation 10:
The electronic lifeform is pleased to see me. Its mask lights bum an intense green while it projects two holograms into my visor. In one, the fragments of a complex equation are made whole and solved. In another, a number is boosted, added and multiplied. It waits for my decision.

  • Response – The Multiplied Number
  • Reward – 70 Carbon, Blueprint, and Korvax Reputation