No Man’s Sky Guide: Taking Advantage Of The Unlimited Mining Glitch

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The player’s objective in this game is to reach the center of the universe but the player must have many resources and upgrades in order to get there. Some resources can be purchased from space stations and others can be obtained on other planets by mining.

There is a small mining glitch in the game and this guide will show how to take advantage of that.

How to Use Unlimited Mining Glitch

Mining is one of the methods used to expose and capture elements. But mining can attract the attention of the space law. The sentinels on high security planets will attack on sight but there are a few planets with resources and without sentinels.

When used for a while continuously, the mining beam gets overheated and needs to cool down. Use the following glitch to do unlimited mining.

  1. Press and Hold the Trigger of Mining Beam
  2. As soon as it Begins to Reach the Overheating Release the Trigger
  3. Press and Hold it once again
  4. Don’t wait for the Bar to fall down
  5. Repeat the Process.

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