No Man’s Sky Guide: Perfectly Placing Technologies

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In this game, technology is an item which is used to upgrade the player’s exosuit, multi-tool and starship.

This Perfectly Placing Technologies guide will show how to place technologies in the slots for better growth.

How to Perfectly Place Technologies

There are a number of rings surrounding each icon. As the player makes upgrades, the rings are filled in to indicate the current status level. The weapons icon has two circles which are partially filled and the armor icon has one such circle. To get a better and faster effect, use the following trick.

Place the technology next to the same upgrading part. When the player sees the border outline around them, place two same upgrades. Example: Placing a bolt caster right next to another bolt caster which is being upgraded will receive a red border while mining will get the green border and so will others. This will quicken the effect and will also give more value for each part installed.

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