Oculus Gear VR Gets New Social Games and Facebook Sharing

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Oculus Gear VR gets social games and Facebook sharing. Oculus, the Facebook-owned company, just added new Facebook sharing features, new social games and other features making Samsung’s Gear VR more social.

Below are some of the features worth taking note of.

  • Oculus Gear VR got a dedicated section for Facebook videos.
  • A Facebook feed of 360-degree videos that’s personalized based on the friends and pages you follow
  • Liking and sharing 360-degree videos in virtual reality may soon be made possible, as planned by Facebook.
  • The Gear VR is also getting a set of dedicated social features and games.
  • From Thursday onward, to connect with friends on the platform, you will be able to create a profile connected to your name and Oculus username.
  • Allows you to create “rooms” in Oculus Social where you can watch Twitch and Vimeo streams with your acquaintances and friends in virtual reality.
  • Oculus is also adding two new social games:
    • Social Trivia
    • Herobound: Gladiators

Although, the details about how the new additions will work, but it is anticipated from it’s post that Facebook’s new emoji-like reactions will be part of its new VR-ready sharing features.

Facebook has got one more step towards bringing the Virtual Reality closer to people.