OnHub Just Got Better, Now Supports IFTTT

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OnHub ‘s site revealed the new feature of the amazing router . OnHub just got Better, now supports IFTTT. This router

  • Supports super fast Wi-Fi
  • Easy to set up
  • Automatic software updates.

Now that’s interesting as an automatic software means you get the security updated an regularly intervals. Apart from this it also is a great feature when new features’ updates are released. It simply gets these updates and makes OnHub smarter and better.

Today it was announced that now OnHub supports IFTTT.


a service that allows you to create simple commands, called “Recipes,” to control and automate basic tasks and devices in your home.

Here are some of the very useful thing you can do with this new feature.

  1. Keep track of your dear ones by receiving automatic notifications when a mobile device connects or disconnects from your OnHub network.
  2. Prioritize certain devices whenever they connect, to ensure your most important tasks get the Wi-Fi they need.
  3. And since OnHub supports up to 100+ devices at a time, such as speakers, phones, tablets, lights, Chromecasts, and Nest thermostats, you can create Recipes to control these devices and seamlessly connect them to the hundreds of products and services that support IFTTT.
  4. And much more.

Now we know OnHub Just Got Better, Now Supports IFTTT. So let’s see an example, as provided on the OnHub official website as how it works.

Suppose you want to check when your child reaches home from school. So for this, you are required to set up a Recipe that says, for instance, If my child’s device connects to my OnHub, Then send me an email.

Now when your child gets home, the device gets connected and you will get an email.

There can be many other scenarios where the IFTTT support can be very useful.

  • Turning the lights on automatically when you walk in the door
  • Prioritize your Nest Cam when it senses motion or sound
  • Send a notification when your child’s phone is in use.

You are now aware of what the new IFTTT support means to the user. Over the next four weeks, there will be a challenge hosted by IFTTT. You check out more about it in OnHub’s official site.

Check out this amazing video giving more insights to the new feature.