Overwatch Guide: Loot Box Prices

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Overwatch already has 7 million players. This game has been the most hyped games for nearly two years. Here in this Overwatch Wiki Guide: Loot Box Prices, we will find out the different prices for the loot boxes. Through the loot boxes you earn, you acquire items. But there is an alternate way to get these loots. These can be purchased from the corresponding platform’s store.

Overwatch Guide: Loot Box Prices

  1. On the main menu, you need to go to Loot Box.
  2. Press the button to take you to the store. [For instance, if you are using PlayStation 4, it will be the Square button, which will take you to the PlayStation Store.]
  3. Once the store page loads, you will find 5 options. Yon choose from these options. Below are the 5 different options:
    • Base package – Has two loot boxes – Price : $1.99
    • Pack of five loot boxes – Price: $4.99
    • Pack of 11 loot boxes – $9.99
    • Pack of 24 loot boxes – $19.99
    • Pack of 50 loot boxes – $39.99

These are random loot boxes with no specification of any particular loot being of high end or otherwise.


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