The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine Guide: How to Romance Syanna

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This how to romance Syanna guide will provide you all the details to know how to romance her.

The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine : How to Romance Syanna

Seeking Out Syanna

  • During ‘The Night of Long Fangs’, you get the option to select between looking for Syanna or for Orianna.
  • Here you need to seek out Syanna.
  • Now this action will initiate another quest. It will be a Main Quest called Beyond Hill and Dale.

Beyond Hill and Dale

  • Now when you are in the Beyond Hill and Dale quest, you have a tough combat with the Cloud Giant. Syanna will be helping you in this fight.
  • Now to finish the fight, you need to bait the giant to one of the electrified pillars scattered around the arena. This will shock the Cloud Giant and you can use this time to head in and deal some damage.
  • As soon as the fight is over, Syanna will decide a romp with you.

Doing the Right Thing

  • Now Master Witcher will be offered with two options:
    • Let her have her way with you
    • Some other time, maybe
  • Here you have to select ‘Let her have her way with you’. This is let you proceed with the romance scene.


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