PlayStation Classic released!

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Hola! Retro fanatics, Sony has an early Christmas gift waiting for you all. Sony has announced the much awaited PlayStation Classic to be released on 3rd December 2018. A mini replica of the original PS1 will contain 20 games among which Tekken 3, Final Fantasy 7, Ridge Races Type 4, Wild Arms and Jumping Flash are confirmed to be there. At 45% reduced size from its inspiration PS1, “the mini classic” will come with two controllers combined in the box. The console as well as the controllers will come with the original buttons, a HDMI port, an USB slot to power up. The PlayStation Classic would be available at a price of $99.99/ £89.99 / €99.99 / ₹7200(approx).

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Worthy or Not?

By the looks of it, one thing is clear that PlayStation has announced it incoming into the category of “Mini Consoles” where Nintendo has itself deep rooted. Nintendo has been ruling this sector with Nintendo Entertainment System classic edition popularly known as NES Classic that was released around 10th November 2016. One cannot forget the craze that around this mini console which resulted in 2.3 million units being sold by April 2017. The discontinuation of production of NES classic resulted in a huge dissatisfaction among the gaming society. Finally in response to the gamers Nintendo re-launched NES classic in JUNE 2018. The question lies in front is that “Will PlayStation Classic be as effective as NES Classic” “Can they bring the same enthusiasm that Nintendo brought”. The titles announced for PlayStation Classic were released around 1997, 1998; this was the time when PlayStation introduced the Dual Shock Controllers. These controllers became instantly famous and were compatible with Tekken 3 and few others that we would love to see in the new PS Classic as well:

PlayStation Classic released!

The history of mini controllers dates way back to 2000. Atari and Sega have been manufacturing products such as Atari Flashback and Sega Genesis. But they failed to trap the market in initially and their demise was initiated with Nintendo entering this section.

Keeping a lookout on the newer announcements on PlayStation Classic and what more do they have to offer. Can they withstand the competition that Nintendo is sure to give?
Looking forward for the “Battle of the Classics”

PlayStation Classic released!