Prey Guide: How to Get Golden Pistol

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This Prey gaming guide is about finding a way how to get golden pistol in the game. It is Arkane Studio developed game and it released in May 2017. You can play Prey on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Taking control of Morgan Yu, you explore the free world of the space station Talos 1 and fight and survive to get out of Talos 1.

The golden pistol is a rare collectible weapon and it causes tremendous damage once fully upgraded. You need to trigger Golden Gun side quest to get this weapon. This guide will show how to get this weapon in the game.

Prey Guide: How to Get Golden Pistol

  • Search for the corpse of Marietta Kyrkos in Arboretum Level 3.
  • Retrieve her Transcribe device and Keycard from the body.
  • Find a waterfall in the area.
  • There is a thin path next to it. Follow it till you reach a sign and reach Looking Glass.
  • Break the screen using a weapon and go inside to find a medkit.
  • Use the Gloo Gun to climb up, walk left and again use the Gloo Gun to climb up and jump ahead.
  • Hear the recording on the dead body and that will trigger the Golden Gun objective.
  • Reach Crew Quarters.
  • Take a left turn from the end and there is a sign of Crew Cabins.
  • Go to Crew Cabins A and take the door on the right.
  • There is a safe there. Input the keycode 9712 and pick up the Artemis Golden Pistol.

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