PS4 jailbreak download now available, demo video shows Pokemon Emerald running

PS4 jailbreak download

The PlayStation 4 has been jailbroken. I repeat PlayStation 4 has been jailbroken.

Hacker group FailOverflow claims that they have jailbroken the PS4 and finally able to run a Linux version on it correctly. The hacker group was previously responsible for successfully hacking Wii, Wii U and PlayStation 3.

The PS4 jailbreak download is now available on the official website of FailOverflow along with a demo video. The video shows a version of Linux running on PS4 hardware and Pokémon Emerald build renamed as Pokémon PlayStation Version – a demonstration of homebrews on it successfully running on it.

FailOverflow points out the fact that they do this as a hobby but also admit that such hacks lead the way to other people with not so good intentions to make firmware versions allowing the console to run pirated games. They seem to be pretty impressed by the PS4’s architecture quoting that “the Marvell engineers who designed the southbridge were smoking some really good stuff”.

The hack currently works on the firmware version 1.74, a much older version from the current 3.11 on PS4. However, hackers claim that a hack for the higher versions are a possibility.