ReCore Guide: Boss Fight Skull Cracker

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This game was released on 13 Sep 2016 for Xbox One and PC. An action adventure shooter game, it features different robots with the protagonist being Joule along with her robotic companions who aid her in combat and puzzle solving. Recore also features upgrade tiers with attack and defense categories. The player must collect blueprints and materials to access and unlock these upgrades.

There are a few difficult bosses in the game and this guide will show how to beat one of them – Skull Cracker.

ReCore Boss Fight Skull Cracker

This robot is a ram-like one. He appears after the player gathers two cores in Pylon 512 and to get the third, the player has to defeat this boss. He has the ability to change color so the player should be on the lookout for waves of fire, electric charges and flying and wolf-type enemies. The player does not have blue ammo at this point so when this boss shifts to his blue phase, use the white ammo to deal a comparatively greater damage.