Season 2 of Hitman May be in the Works – IO Interactive Retain the Game’s Rights

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Hitman is one of the major successes which has brought Agent 47 in the spotlight in recent years. Though the game may be a fan favorite, Square Enix may not like it all that much as they didn’t include the game’s developers IO interactive as a “key studio” when moving forward.

Square Enix also plans to sell IO Interactive came as a shocker, especially since the public absolutely ate up Hitman and whatever the company threw at them. They have already started the bidding processes begun their negotiations for new possible investors, even though “there can be no guarantees”.

We really wish for the game to not die down under a pile of paperwork any time soon, especially considering the massive support the developers had put into the game development; consistent updates, seasonal operations and events, which could possibly be under threat by Square Enix.

Though, there may just be a silver lining yet. A German website reported that apparently the rights for Hitman will remain with IO Interactive, while we’re not completely sure what happens to the developers when the company is — possibly eventually sold, Season two for Hitman is definitely coming and is already “half way to completion”.

While, we need to take this with a grain of salt, GameStar isn’t the most reliable source, but we have gotten any new updates about the developers and this ordeal, and this should be taken with a grain of salt. No matter what the future holds for Hitman and IO interactive, we know for a fact that the game will not be the same if it’s “auctioned off”.

What do you guys think the future of the game will be? Do you think that after being squired by another company, the game will still have the same level of developer support as it previously had? Comment below.

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