Sonic Mania Release Date Possibly Revealed by European Steam Listing

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There have been a lot of Sonic games which have been released over the years. While a lot of the recent ones have not been welcomed whole heatedly by the community, Sonic mania hopes to change that.

Sonic Mania wants to take the players to the time when Sonic games were considered to be one of the best in the market. The European steam listing for the game reveals that the game will be getting a 2017 release. While you shouldn’t be too excited, it could just be a fluke -though it looks pretty reasonable- I would suggest you wait for official announcements.

However, you may be able to play Sonic Mania on 15th August this year.

GameSpot reported that the European steam listing for the game has been revealed to have a release date on 15th August 2017. But, the American steam listing has no specific release date, and is coming “summer 2017”.

Source: GameSpot
Source: GameSpot

best thing is to take it all with a grain of salt, there isn’t any definite proof for the release. We may see another delay into early 2018. In the past, Sonic Mania was delayed from Spring 2017 to summer 2017.

This year is a good one for Sonic games, Sonic Forces is also releasing this year and is said to combine some of the classical 2D visuals of the original sonic games along with the 3D visuals from the newer generation games, also letting you create your very own sonic-esque characters.

it’s kind of strange to have two sonic games release this year. It may be so that Sonic Mania will be delayed till 2018. But, we cannot be sure until there is word from Sega. Whatever the case is, we’re definitely excited to try out the game and will be spending many hours conquering each and every level.

For more updates, stay tuned.