Tales of Arise Secret Trophies List

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Tales of Arise is about two people set to create a new future defying their fate. This guide provide Tales of Arise secret trophies list. The game has the Tales of gameplay mechanics but with a lot of changes and updates to things like combat style and more.

Tales of Arise Secret Trophies List

A Modest Dream: Build a strong bond with Kisara. Help her realize that it is good to dream a little.

An Honest Mage: Build a strong bond with Rinwell. Help her accept her ancestry and feelings.

Billowing Cyclone: Take down Procella Sylph.

Comrades in Freedom: Enlist Lord Dohalim to your ranks.

Destined Liberator: You got to save both worlds from the approaching destruction. Once you do that, a new better future will be waiting for them.

Drink ’til You Drop: Build a strong bond with Dohalim, and be the drinking mate with a one-time lord.

Emissary of Liberation: Take down Lord Balseph.

Intertwining Hearts: Build a strong connection with Shionne.

Invasion Averted: Put an end to the lights from the wedge. Enough has been already been stolen from Dahna by the Rena.

Liberator of Dahna: Take down Lord Vholran. Dahna will be free once you overthrow all the Renan lords.

Night Blossom: Take down Meneiys.

Otherworldly Survivor: Complete the sub-quest “Otherworldly Visitors” and arrange a get-together between a pair.

Owl Homecoming: Locate and report all of the owls.

Putting the Past in its Place: Complete the sub-quest “Reminiscence Device”. No past enemy is any trouble for today’s party!

Quaking Continent: Take down Grand Gnome.

Raging Current: Take down Luo Undine. Even its weight couldn’t stop it from being washed away by the party’s might.

Retired Avenger: Take down Lord Almeidrea.

Role Model: Build a strong bond with Law, giving him something to set his heart on and stay away from the battlefield.

The Truth: Uncover Dahna’s and Rena’s truth on Daeq Faezol.

Unrelenting Blaze: Take down Efreet Malum.

Vanquishers of Darkness: Take down Lord Ganabelt and bring light for the first time in a long time to Cyslodia and its people.

Wall Smasher: Build strong bonds with all party members.