The Order: 1886 Dev Thinks the Franchise Has Future

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It’s not unrealistic to think you’ve forgotten about The Order: 1886. It was a mediocre third person shooter that came out in early 2015 exclusively for the PS4 (when there were almost no games on the system), and got average to poor reviews for having way too many cutscenes, bland gameplay and lasting about 4 hours.

It comes as a surprise then that creative director Ru Weerasuriya, from developer Ready at Dawn, talked about the game saying “that IP has a future. It’s definitely built into that IP”. He explains his statement by saying: “There is a larger storyline. There is a macro story that keeps going… So there are legs to this IP, definitely.”

We’re not sure he understands what legs are. Any story can be expanded, but if no one wants to play your game the IP won’t continue. Ready at Dawn needs to stop focusing on story and start addressing the minimal gameplay if they want The Order: 1886 to continue. The final decision to publish a sequel is, of course, up to Sony.