Tired of Playing Valorant and COD? Back 4 Blood to Rejuvenate L4D2 Memories

You are currently viewing Tired of Playing Valorant and COD? Back 4 Blood to Rejuvenate L4D2 Memories
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Back 4 Blood is an online zombie shooter with a cooperative game mode. Players will have to work together, making their way through the many living dead. Well-coordinated teamwork and fire support from partners will help you survive among the horde of zombies.

Game development

The game is being developed by the Turtle Rock studio, which consists of 40 developers known for the Left 4 Dead game. The concept is based on a cooperative shooter in a world where the zombie apocalypse has come. Back 4 Blood will be a rethinking and improvement of the ideas implemented by the developers in their previous games in the Left 4 Dead series.

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Back 4 Blood Development history

The shooter was announced on March 14, 2019, on the studio’s official Twitter account.

Back 4 Blood Release Date

The game release date is October 12, 2021. Development is underway for Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


The game performed in a post-apocalyptic setting with hordes of zombies and a half-dead world. Back 4 Blood is a direct continuation of its illustrious series and its predecessors. A fast, enjoyable game with a quality sound design. And whose co-op is a true pleasure in PvE (the alpha only had this game mode) with four against the hordes of zombies
Technically, despite its alpha which lowers the fps in a few rare places, we are on a very pleasant game to watch, which necessarily makes a graphic leap compared to L4D2.

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Back 4 Blood Gameplay

The gameplay is based on a team cooperative passage. The action will take place in the first-person mode. Players will have to interact with each other to achieve their goals. In the arsenal of each participant will be a variety of weapons to protect against monsters.
The goal is the same: players must progress on a corridor map (with a few rooms to the left and right to loot a bit) and wipe out waves of zombies in FPS view. In the alpha, we can choose 4 of the 8 planned characters, which we could qualify as heal, support, and tank for three of them. If their skills differ, the novelty of our first rounds is the presence also of a deck of cards to be selected upstream, and it will distribute at the start of each round to bring help and an RPG aspect to the game.

Cards oriented towards care, support, explosiveness, or even precision are then to be recovered in its 15 cards. And will be launched in a semi-random manner when the players pass the checkpoint of the shelters. There is also Copper on the ground. It acts as a bargaining chip and will allow you to recover ammunition, gadgets, and explosive weapons. The rest of the games go as before: collect stocks of ammunition and weapons on your way, hidden in rooms, and shoot zombies to put guts, blood, and mucus everywhere.

Back 4 Blood Special bosses

We also find the terrifying sensation of being faced with unique bosses, which spawn randomly in the level. And which are also defined by a deck of “corrupted cards” thrown at the start of the mission). We found ourselves naming these specials by their old names. They are all the same quite close to the old bosses, like the Snitch, which should not be attacked otherwise to trigger a horde, characters who spit mucus losing health, or NPCs who can stick you to the ground. It promotes team play since you have to wait for the help of a teammate.