Top 5 Utility Apps 2019 (Android/ iOS)

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Top 5 Utility Apps 2019 (Android/ iOS)

Ookla Speed Test

A one tap internet performance and speed test app. It lets you find the upload speed, download speed, and ping of the ISP used by the user. Each diagnostic is being recorded and can be viewed from the Results section. Real time jitter and loss data are showing during the diagnostics itself. Additional features include VPN services as well. But the vpn service has to be accessed through the premium version only and the user gets a free trail of 2 weeks in the beginning. The user can also share their connectivity results via means of WhatsApp, Gmail, Bluetooth etc.

Special mention to its mobile carrier coverage app. A rare find in apps like these, helps you see the congestion of signals of mobile service providers in terms of a map.

Download from Playstore: Ookla Speed Test

Download from Appstore: Ookla Speed Test


Well as the name suggests it’s an alarm app. But wait its way more than that. It’s not your average alarm that gets shut off after just one touch. Probably the most annoying alarms you can find and hence the best app in this category out there. The user need to inter few things such as “are you a heavy sleeper, do u wake up easily, what type of alarm mission you want: easy, intermediate, hard”. These missions when set will turn off when you: select picture for answers, shake your phone, and the hardest of them all – a math problem before it stops ringing. The app has taken waking up as a mission and you can also set the app to not get uninstalled or deletion.

Additionally, the app allows you to set your favorite songs, fade away features and several other “missions” to go with such as “barcode mission”, shake mission”. The paid version is even more tougher than ever. This app will make you wake up for sure!

Download from Playstore: Alarmy

Download from Appstore: Alarmy


Developed by Do Mobile Apps, a lock for your precious apps in your device. With a language support of 45 languages it outperforms all other app lock applications. Secure your social networking sites, your gallery, call logs, message logs, contacts etc. with means of pin, password, pattern or fingerprint. It also helps you hide photos and videos and can only be viewed in the vault.IT also prevents its uninstallation from the device and this feature can be set in the advanced protection settings. You can even lock your wireless connections such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and even unknown background data sync with other devices/apps.

Other features contain intruder selfie, random keyboard and animations, hiding applock icons, locking and unlocking at specific times, incognito mode browsing and private SNS for logging in multiple accounts.

Download from Playstore: AppLock


Developed by Bloco, a small designing company, envelope is file sharing app. Extremely user friendly interface, it allows you to upload various kinds of file. Be it a jpeg or png picture, a mp4, mkv, flv video, a mp3 or wav audio and pdf or doc write-ups, all can be shared. With no limit on the no of file share it becomes effortless. The files are kept safe and not shared with any other platforms. You will need to sign up with a blockstack account to use this app. Blockstack is an open source decentralized computing platform and helps to build decentralized applications.

It allows you to choose between your default storage or new storage that can be setup in blockstack for free and quick.

Download from Playstore: Envelope


Developed by Mindefy Labs, YourHour is an unlock counter app that helps you keep track of the number of time you have unlocked your phone. An excellent app for those who want to get rid of the addiction to your phone and stay focused. The app tracks record of the time spent on other applications. With this data is categorizes a user into different criteria as Champion (less than 1hr usage), Achiever (1-2.5hrs), Habitual (2.5-3.5hrs), Dependent (3.5- 4.5hrs), Obsessed (4.5-5.5hrs) and Addicted (more than 5.5 hrs). you get a timer running that will show the real time data of the app used that day. The best part is that the timer is color coded and tells us if the app is used too for the day.

The app also provides time spent in categories such as Productive app (apps such as fitness trackers, setting, file mangers etc), Social (Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter), Games and Media.

Download from Playstore: YourHour