Top 5 Utility Apps 2019 (Android/ iOS)

Top 5 Utility Apps 2019 (Android/ iOS)

Ookla Speed Test A one tap internet performance and speed test app. It lets you find the upload speed, download speed, and ping of the ISP used by the user….

Top 5 Medical/ Health Care Apps

Top 5 Medical / Health Care Apps 2019 (Android / iOS)

1mg A service provider company that provides online medicine buying facility. Not only that you can book for lab tests, diagnostics and health checkups with doctors at their clinics. You…

Top 5 Educations Apps 2019 (Android / iOS)

Top 5 Education Apps 2019 (Android / iOS)

Evernote From the old convention of keeping notes, making to do list and memos comes a very handy tool for keeping the notes all at one place. Be it an…

TOP 5 PHOTOGRAPHY APPS 2019 (Android / iOS )

Top 5 Photography Apps 2019 (Android / iOS)

Snapseed Developed by Google, Snapseed is a complete professional photo editor out there for android for free. With a complete user friendly interface, the app comes with 29 tool presets…