How to Turn On or Enable Xbox One Do Not Disturb Status

Xbox One

Xbox One has added a new Do Not Disturb feature. This is to make sure that you can play your fav games without being disturbed by constant notifications. So turn on or enable Xbox One Do Not Disturb to stop getting notifications from friends.

Yet another addition to Xbox One’s social features. Xbox One Do Not Disturb will let you be connected to the web while it disables any notifications popping up. However this latest Xbox One feature is not meant to stop the System-level notifications. You will receive notification for things like Achievements. Check out the steps below to enable the feature. Before proceeding, you need to sign in to your Xbox Live account as it will be enabled on per-profile basis.

How to Turn On or Enable Xbox One Do Not Disturb Status

  1. On the Xbox One controller, press the Xbox button.
  2. Get to the Sign-in tab by pressing LB 4.
  3. Then select your profile and get to the Appear online option by scrolling down.
  4. Now press A and choose Do Not Disturb.

This Xbox One feature is currently available for the Alpha Preview ring running Xbox Insider Program build. So for now, the status will be showing as ‘Busy’ for all other users. But the feature will soon be available to all the Xbox Live users. That’s all about how to turn off or enable Xbox One do not disturb status.