How to Fix Netflix Not Working on Xbox One

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Netflix on Xbox One is available for quite some time now and is loved by users. It is great to stream Netflix series and movies with Xbox One. But sometimes, due to configuration or settings issue, Netflix may stop working. So here we are providing some solutions to fix Netflix not working on Xbox One problem.

So if your plan to binge watch is being obstructed due the application not working, try some basic tweaks first. Then we will head on to a more fixes possible. Here are couple of ways to fix Netflix not working problem. To start with, try re-logging into Netflix and then using the main interface, log out. Then exit Xbox One. Once closed, log in and check if the application is working fine. If not proceed to the next fix.

The simple fix is to disconnect any extra devices from Xbox One. This is because, as we know Xbox doesn’t let users to record the streaming. Having said that, close the Xbox One. Then disconnect Xbox power cord and then remove any extra devices. Now connect only the monitor or TV. Now turn on Xbox and check if the issue is resolved. These were the simple workarounds. If the application is still not working, go for the solutions mentioned below.

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How to Fix Netflix Not Working on Xbox One

Re-Launch Netflix

  1. Highlight Netflix using the arrow keys and then press the controller menu button. This will open up Netflix options.
  2. From the options, select Quit. Now launch Netflix again and verify if it is working now.

Disable Closed Captioning

This could also potentially fix the Netflix not working issue. To disable closed captions, follow the steps given below.
Go to Console Settings and then navigate to Closed captioning. Turn it off. Then restart Console and check.

Reinstall Netflix

Finally if nothing works and you are still having the same issue, try to reinstall Netflix with the process given below.

  1. On Console, go to My games and apps.
  2. Then on the left pane, select Apps and go and select Netflix.
  3. Press Controller menu button to open options.
  4. From the options, choose Manage app, then uninstall Netflix.
  5. Now restart Xbox One and install Netflix. After installation, enter the credentials and log in.
  6. That should help you fix the issue.