How to use Bluetooth keyboard with Apple TV

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After upgrading to the latest fourth generation Apple TV, you may want to know how to use Bluetooth keyboard with Apple TV. So here we bring you complete guide to let you know how to configure and start using the Bluetooth keyboard. Let’s set up Bluetooth keyboard for Apple TV.

  1. For Apple wireless keyboard, look for the little LED light.
    1. If the LED blinking, it is in pairing mode
    2. If it is steady, then it is paired with some other device.
      1. In that case, first un-pair it
      2. Then start again
    3. If the LED light is not glowing
      1. Start it by pressing the power button until the LED light up
  2. If you have Magic Keyboard from Apple
    1. Charge it with the Lightning cable
    2. Turn it on
    3. When you see a green LED you know that it’s ready to pair
  3. If you are using non-Apple Bluetooth keyboards, refer to the manuals and make it ready for pairing

How to pair the Bluetooth keyboard and Apple TV

  1. If you are using the latest, fourth generation Apple TV
    1. Click on Settings app
    2. Now select Remotes and Devices
    3. Then select Bluetooth
  2. For earlier Apple TV versions
    1. Navigate to Settings
    2. Now go to General
    3. Then select Bluetooth
  3. Then your Apple TV will search for devices available for pairing
  4. Select the keyboard
  5. Then click on it, and if prompted, enter the four digit code on the screen with your keyboard
  6. Finally press Return

Paired Apple TV and Bluetooth keyboard. Now below are the tasks that you can perform using this keyboard.

  • You can type into fields like
    • Search
    • username
    • email
    • password
  • With the arrow, Return, and Escape keys, you can navigate menus on the Apple TV
  • If your keyboard has Play, Pause, Rewind or Fast-forward keys,then you may also be able to control your music and videos
  • And a lot more

So pair up the Bluetooth keyboard with your Apple TV and find out what more tasks you can perform with it.