Vampyr Guide: How To Get Guns in the Game

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Fighting with humans or vampires, you will need definitely weapons. So here we are talking about Vampyr guide on how to get guns in the game. Vampyr, developed by Dontnod Entertainment, is built on Unreal Engine. It released on 5th June 2018 and is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The game has a dark and deals with supernatural powers and creatures. The player controls Dr. Jonathan Reid. He has recently turned a vampyr and is struggling in deciding his choices. His oath as a doctor and his newly gained thirst for blood is making him struggle. He has to help the citizens by finding a cure for the flu. But he also needs to feed on the people his has vowed to heal. As a Vampyr, doctor can use his supernatural abilities and fight. Or he can be the savior and feed to survive. The game shows London in 1918. Dr. Reid’s actions can either save and doom the city.

In the game, you will be using weapons and your vampirical skills and tendencies. Striking a perfect balance between the two is the key to excelling in the game. There are melee weapons like clubs, stakes and swords and ranged weapons like guns. They are fired by using the triangle (PS4) or the Y (Xbox One) button. You will find the Revolver early in the game but there are other guns in the game as well. This guide will show how to get guns in the game.

Vampyr Guide: How To Get Guns in the Game

The shotgun is a really good weapon to get as it allows you to hit multiple enemies with a single shot. You also have a sawn-off variant and a pump-action one. At the main entrance of Pembroke Hospital, speak to the ambulance driver for getting ammunition and parts to upgrade your weapons. Make sure to upgrade your guns at workbenches in Reid’s hideouts. The revolver can stun enemies and the shotgun is used to hit hard shots. there is also a merchant in White Chapel who sells rare upgrade parts for weapons. These are expensive though so make sure to have enough money first. That’s all about Vampyr guide on how to get guns in the game.