Vampyr Guide: Tips to Increase Stamina

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We are here with tips to increase stamina in Vampyr. The game was out on 5 June, 2018. This action role-playing video game is the creation by Dontnod Entertainment. Vampyr is published by Focus Home Interactive. It is playable on Microsoft Windows, PS4 and Xbox One.

The player controls Dr. Jonathan Reid. He is the main protagonist and recently turned into a vampire. Now he is struggling between his duty and blood thirst. He, as a doctor, have to save the citizens suffering from Spanish flu but he also has to satisfy his thirst. Vampyr is set in London 1018.

The game gives you plenty of choices to make. And your choices determine whether or not you gain access to Reid’s stronger abilities and more stamina. This guide will show how to increase your stamina in the game.

Vampyr Guide: Tips to Increase Stamina

While you rest in bed, you should spend your experience points on stamina. Experience can be earned by killing your prey but also by completing objectives. If you do not kill anyone, you will gain experience points at a slower rate, making the game that more difficult but offers a different and fun challenge too. But if you want to upgrade your stamina quickly, simply hunt down all your enemies to gain a large amount of experience points and spend them on the stamina skill tree. That’s all from Vampyr Increase Stamina guide. Check out Vampyr guide – how to get guns in the game.