Vue.js 1.0.0 Released

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The newest JavaScript library, Vue.js 1.0.0 released. The codename for Vue.js is Evangelion. This JavaScript library has reached its 1.0.0 landmark.

Vue.js is used for the view layer of the web app and so it for creating interactive web user interfaces. The incorporation of Vue.js with other libraries and projects is very easy. This flexibility and performance of this JavaScript library better than others. It is also very agile and has simpler API and syntax compared to that others.

When you have a large project, making small isolated changes can give you nightmares as it may very possibly affect several other areas in the project. But we have good news for us from this new JavaScript library. It is focused on larger projects and wants to make it apt for such projects and it can be useful alternative for such projects. You may thing how. Now here it is the reason. Vue.js makes isolated maintenance and refactoring of large projects easy and also keeps the whole project unaffected by the refactoring or maintenance that you do. For doing so, Vue.js has deprecated many APIs.

It also has made other significant improvements in other areas. For instance, it has made its template syntax more readable and short. And many stability problems have been fixed. For faster initial rendering, Vue.js has replaced the directive v-repeat with v-for. For example when you have to render large list of data or a large table with lots of data, the performance can be very fast owing to the v-for directive.

Vue.js’s journey so far can summed up as 8 alphas versions, 4 betas versions and 2 release candidates. And finally the 1.0.0 has been released with great potential and an awesome option for people handling with displaying last data or projects which are quite large and refactoring can be a troublesome issue.

So happy coding with Vue.js!!