How To Boost FPS In PUBG Lite

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PUBG Lite has been released in more regions than ever and thousands of players have already been playing over the weekend. The game is a toned down version of the Steam version of PUBG and runs on low-end machines. It can even run on old laptops as the requirements for this game is very humble. You can check them out and find if your PC is capable of running it here.

Though, the game is pretty well optimized to run on any kind of hardware, there are still people who want a better experience. Multiplayer games like PUBG and Battlefield rely heavily on the frames per second metric to provide a smooth experience. No, matter how much FPS for gaming you’re getting, nobody would mind having a few. Let’s check out some tips and tricks to get those extra 10-15 frames to help you get that headshot right on.

#1 Update Drivers and Software

This is the first and foremost thing to do before playing any game. Before you install and play PUBG Lite, make sure you have the latest Windows 10 May 2019 update installed. Next thing is to Check for Updates in Settings and let it download and install all the necessary drivers for your PC. You can also manually go to the official website to download the game-ready drivers for your GPU. Finally, get the latest DirectX installed.

#2 Set Task Manager To Set High Priority / Stop Unwanted Processes

This step requires you to go to Task Manager and to right click on the unnecessary processes like Adobe Updater, Chrome Updater and others and click End Task for each of them. This frees up resources like RAM and CPU to some extent. Secondly, while playing, minimize the game and open Task Manager again and find the PUBGLite.exe from Processes list and Right click -> Go to details which takes you to the Services tab. Now Right click -> Set priority -> High. It might get you some extra 3-4 frames if not more.

#3 Lowering The Settings

This will surely help you reach a stable 60 FPS. To do this, while in-game, press Esc and click the gear icon from top-left. Now in Graphics tab under Display Settings, lower them as follows:

Display Mode: Fullscreen
Resolution: 1280×720
FPP Camera FOV: 70
Max FPS: 60

In Advanced Settings,

Overall Quality: Very Low

Leave the rest as they are. You will notice a huge boost in FPS due to these changes. Enjoy!

#4 Editing GameUserSettings.ini

This is an extreme measure which will degrade the graphics drastically to run the game smoothly. It requires editing of a configuration file to reduce the Scaling even below the allowed limit. To do that, navigate to:


Open GameUserSettings.ini with Notepad and find the parameter ScreenScale. Set it to ScreenScale=50.000000 and save it. After doing this, you’ll see a significant increase in your in-game FPS at the cost of pixelated graphics.

#5 Installing an SSD

This is not an FPS boost tip. Instead, it helps you with the long load times in not only PUBG Lite but other games too. If your system supports an SSD (Solid State Drive), we suggest you spend a few bucks and install one. Along with smaller load times, an SSD also makes Windows boot up in a matter of seconds as well.

That’s all we have for you. If you have any other methods, you can share with everyone in the comments below. Stay tuned for more.

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