The PS4 Pro Could Win the Console War for Sony

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Sony announced yesterday at their Playstation Meeting their new system, the PS4 Pro, which is an upgraded version of the PS4. This new system launches on November 10 for $399, and it adds many hardware upgrades like doubled GPU power and HDR support.

The PS4 is already the best-selling system of this generation, but the arrival of the upgraded systems could’ve changed the landscape. It most likely won’t, though, because the PS4 Pro is appearing to do the main thing the recently released Xbox One S didn’t do – 4K support for gaming. Microsoft’s approach was all wrong – they included 4K but only for television and movies, while games were stuck in 1080p resolution. The PS4 Pro, on the other hand, is featuring 4K support for gaming and doesn’t even have a Blu-Ray player.

Sony knows high-end gamers are the ones that are going to upgrade to these more powerful systems, not movie watchers. Microsoft has a lot of work to do.